BMI Weekly News

BMI Weekly News

August 19, 2019


Two days until BMI Department Picnic! Wednesday, August 21st, 11:30am, Belle Isle #12

If you haven't yet---Please take 2 minutes to fill out the RSVP form for the BMI department picnic at this link:

Thank you to those who have already contributed to the picnic! If you have not already donated (suggested: $5 students, $10, faculty) or signed up to bring a dish, please stop by the department office TODAY to do that. We will be purchasing food items for the party in the next few days. If no one is available, please leave donations in my mailbox with your name attached. We are still about $75 under budget for this event. If you have not already donated, please consider doing that ASAP. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We are looking forward to a day of awesome potluck dishes, fun yard games, and great conversation. Water will be provided. See you Wednesday!

BMI Social Committee

â- The Theis Lab (Kevin, Andrew, Jonathan, and Madison), in collaboration with the Perinatology Research Branch, have had a paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Perinatal Medicine. The paper is titled "Evidence that intra-amniotic infections are often the result of an ascending pathway - a molecular microbiological study." It is the first study to simultaneously characterize the microbiota of human amniotic fluid and the vagina using molecular techniques.

â- New Student Orientation: There will be two separate events for new students during the next two weeks. The Graduate Student Orientation is this Thursday and Friday, in room 3125 Scott Hall. The BMI Department will have its own orientation on Thursday, August 29 in rooms 7370 and 7364. Please watch for a detailed email in the coming week.

Classes begin on Wednesday, August 28.


â- A symposium on Emerging Concepts and Technologies in Virology will be held at the University of Michigan Thursday September 12. All are welcome. There is no charge for attendees. Program information is in the attached flyer, and you can register via this link.

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