BMI Weekly News- August 23, 2021

BMI Weekly News 

August 23, 2021 


• Congratulations to Kendall Muzzarelli, from the Kovari lab, for successfully defending her Ph.D. dissertation, “Biochemical, Structural, and Drug Design Studies of Coronavirus and Norovirus Proteases”

• Congratulations to Detjona Xhaho, from the Sebzda lab, for successfully defending her M.S. thesis, “The Role of KLF2 in B Cell-Mediated Mucosal Immunity”

• Message from Vice Dean, Thane Peterson: Return to campus. Regarding items, Proof of Vaccination, Exceptions and COVID-19 Related Information, School of Medicine Return to Campus, and University Six-Month Flexible Work Arrangement Program.  Message from Thane Peterson   

Event This Week:  

• BMI Department Picnic is Friday, August 27th (the Friday before classes start). The event will be at Belle  

Isle Park, Shelter 12, the same large shelter that was used for the 2019 picnic. Any questions or concerns contact Jillian Green or Taylor Vensko They are collecting donations to help fund this event.  All donations are greatly appreciated. For convenience, donations can be sent to Taylor Vensko through PayPal using: (   

If cash is preferred, Taylor will visit labs to collect donations.  Donations for this year are: $5 for students & $20 for faculty.   

The Student Social Committee will be providing the main dish which will be hotdogs, hamburgers, and black bean burgers.  Alcohol is permitted but will not be provided.  Sides or extra dishes to pass are more than welcome. 

Please see Taylor and Jillian’s attached picnic flyer for all necessary information and hopefully some biochemistry/microbiology-friendly graphics.  

♥ For some Belle Isle history:​  

♥ Belle Isle official website:    

Upcoming Events: 

• The BMI New Student Orientation sessions are Tuesday, August 31, 2021.  This includes the 2nd year students too. Details to follow. 

• BMI Retreat is Friday, September 24th, ̴ 8:00am-5:00pm.  More details to come closer to the date. 

Return to Campus:   

• Message from Vice Dean, Thane Peterson:   

• For Latest Updates and Information; Warrior Safe is Warrior Strong - School of Medicine - Wayne State University 

• From the Office of the President: VACCINE MANDATE FOR ALL CAMPUS. Masks are now required in all campus buildings for all individuals.  Click link for information: 

• Students  

• EmployeesGuide for employees - Human Resources - Wayne State University  

◦ Faculty & Staff Learning & Support Resources:

• Everyone must complete the Campus Daily Screener Campus Daily Screener - Wayne State University  

before coming to campus. All visitors and guests must complete the Guest Campus Screener Guest Campus Screener - Wayne State University.  

◦ Masks are required indoors for all individuals. Click link for full information: 

• Campus Health Center (CHC) – The COVID-19 Vaccine:  

The COVID-19 Vaccine - Campus Health Center ( 

• Information on the COVID-19 VaccinesVaccines for COVID-19 | CDC 

• To schedule a vaccine appointment, click on link:  

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