William Brusilow

William Brusilow




William Brusilow

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Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1980

Office Location

034 Lande


Dr. Brusilow studies the biochemistry and cell biology of neurodegeneration and the inflammatory response. 

Research Focus

Dr. Brusilow's laboratory examines the role of nitrogen metabolism in both by studying how methionine sulfoximine, a potent inhibitor of glutamine synthesis, affects neurodegeneration in the mouse model for ALS, and the inflammatory response in the mouse model for liver failure. It has been shown that treatment with methionine sulfoximine prolongs the lifespan of the ALS mouse, and it has also been shown that methionine sulfoximine can prevent inflammation and death in the mouse model for liver failure. Currently, the laboratory is studying how mouse cell biology and biochemistry is affected by this drug to produce these therapeutic effects.


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