Andrew Winters

Andrew Winters

Research Associate


Andrew Winters

Position Title

 Member of Dr. Theis' lab


As a member of the Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory at Michigan State University, Andrew Winters earned his Ph.D. studying microbial communities associated with aquatic organisms. As a postdoctoral researcher he studied diseases of coral with the Living Oceans Foundation.

Dr. Winters’ research is aimed at employing phylogenetic, multivariate, and systems biology approaches based on high-throughput nucleic acid sequencing technology to investigate host-microbiome interactions. His current research focuses on investigating whether a true human placental microbiome exists, and, if so, whether its members could be viably transmitted to the fetus. By identifying specific interactions, he is working toward developing future personalized healthcare strategies and novel diagnostic tools. This research will contribute to our understanding of maternal-fetal health, including current models of preterm birth, and will further contribute to pressing inquiries of microbial transmission at the interface of medicine, ecology, and evolution.

Office Location

 7130 Scott Hall

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