Essence Turner

Essence Turner

BMB M.S. Student


Essence Turner

Position Title

 First year student in the M.S. program


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Advisor: Dr. Robert Akins


 B.S. in Biology from Central State University

Office Location

 234 Lande


My research interests include women’s health and infectious diseases.

Research Focus

My research interests include women’s health and infectious diseases. I am currently working on a project to correlate the bacteria Gardnerella vaginalis to bacterial vaginosis and its role in recurrence. This project was of particular interest due to my care and enthusiasm of becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist or pediatric doctor. Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection found in most women of reproductive age, more commonly African American women, and has been linked to more serious conditions in women such a preterm birth, increased susceptibility to STDs, cervical diseases, and more. While in undergrad, I took up biology classes but only a few of those classes offered research and topics that touched on medicine and infectious diseases. I felt the BMB program would not only enhance my knowledge and skill for this field, but also provide similar challenges that I would encounter in medical school that I did not experience in undergrad. Once I have completed the program, I would like to go on to pursue my goals of enrolling in medical school here at Wayne State University's reputable School of Medicine.

Advisor: Dr. Robert Akins

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