BMI Weekly News- June 7, 2021

BMI Weekly News                                                          

June 7, 2021 


 We have completed our virtual visit with our top three faculty candidates. The BMI Search Committee will be meeting tomorrow, June 8, so if you can complete your evaluation forms today and send them to either or that would be great. 

Event This Week:  

• Dissertation Public Lecture Presentation for Degree of Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 1:00PM 

Presented by: IMM student, Dustin Farr 

Title: “Characterization of the Immune Response to Vibrio Cholerae Infection in a Natural Host Model” 

Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Withey  

Zoom Link:  

Meeting ID: 968 9694 8390 

Password: 806270 

Upcoming Events: 

• Please see the attached flyer and registration information for a free upcoming virtual symposium about Alzheimer’s disease, which will be held on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. Thanks to Immunology and Microbiology Emerita Professor Judith Whittum-Hudson for sharing. 

• The BMI Department Picnic is Friday, August 27th (the Friday before classes start). It will be at Belle Isle Park, Shelter 12, the same large shelter that was used for the 2019 picnic.  Any questions or concerns contact Jillian Green or Taylor Vensko More details to come as we get closer to the event. 

▫ For some Belle Isle history:​ or  

▫ Belle Isle official website:   

Coronavirus Info:   

•  Website:  

▫ Campus Health Center – The COVID-19 Vaccine: The COVID-19 Vaccine 

♦ Public Health Committee – Reminder the COVID-19 vaccine is available to ALL Faculty, Staff and Students. For appointment process click link: Six Step-by-step process for COVID-19 vaccination appointment   

♦ Campus Health Center announces available appointments for Johnson & Johnson single shot COVID-19 vaccine. Employees and students can call now for vaccine appointment. Click link for five-step process.  

▫ Campus Health Center – Coronavirus: COVID-19 – Recent updates:   

▫ WS students, faculty and staff eligible for COVID-19 testing for no out-of-pocket charge: COVID-19 Testing 

▫ Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine: COVID-19 Vaccine Facts     

▫ Warrior Safe Training:  

▫ Campus Daily Screener:  

▫ Medical Campus operations:  

▫ Campus screener/follow-up process:    

•  Domestic and International Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Travel During COVID-19 | CDC 

•  Complete SOM guidelines:     

•  COVID-19 SOM return guidelines pdf:  

Links (as embedded in items above): 

CHC announces available appointments for Johnson & Johnson vaccine:   

Public Health Committee – Reminder the COVID-19 vaccine is available to ALL Faculty, Staff and Students:   

From the Office of the President: Covid-19 vaccination anonymous survey:  

Campus Health Center – COVID-19 Vaccination  

•  Campus Health Center – Facts about the Covid-19 Vaccine   

•  Domestic & International Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic:  

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