Vera Fay Righthand Fellowship in Virology



The Vera Fay Righthand Seminar in Virology celebrates the legacy of the late Vera Fay Righthand, Ph.D., while the Vera Fay Righthand Fellowship in Virology continues her legacy of innovation and research honors by supporting BMI PhD students who study viruses





From left are Kendall Muzzarelli (VFR Felllowship winner), Andrew Jerome (VFR Felllowship winner), Dr. Richard Righthand, Dr. Ameer Righthand, Ashley Anderson (VFR Felllowship winner) and Dr. Phil Pellett

Vera Fay Righthand Lectureship and Fellowship Awardees

Lecturer: Dr. Carolyn Coyne
Awardee: TBD
Lecturer: Dr. Ann Kwong
Awardee: Taylor Vensko
Lecturer: Dr. Joshua Schiffer
Awardee: Kendall Muzzarelli
Lecturer: Dr. James Alwine
Awardees: Ashley Anderson, Kendall Muzzarelli
Awardees: Ashley Anderson, Andrew Jerome

The 2023 Vera Fay Righthand Seminar will take place on April 25, 2023. This year's speaker will be Dr. Carolyn Coyne.