Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. program in Immunology & Microbiology (Dr. Thipparthi, Program Director)

The Ph.D. program in Immunology & Microbiology educates and trains students for research careers in immunology, microbiology or virology. During the first year of the program, students take courses in cellular and molecular biology as part of the interdisciplinary biomedical sciences curriculum, as well as courses in immunology, microbiology, and virology. Participation in journal clubs, seminars and research rotations in faculty laboratories provide opportunities to become familiar with the faculty and other students. An oral preliminary examination is administered during the summer of the first year. Selection of a dissertation advisor typically occurs after the preliminary examination. Dissertation research begins at this time and continues through the remainder of the program. A dissertation advisory committee is formed by the end of the second year and thereafter meets regularly (at least once every 6 months) with the student to review research progress and course work related to the student's doctoral program. Students typically defend their dissertation near the end of their fifth year. The program also requires submission of a first author publication to a peer-reviewed journal.

Students admitted to the program are awarded Graduate Research Assistantships that provide a stipend (currently $26,716) plus tuition, and medical and dental insurance.

Detailed information about the program is available in the Immunology & Microbiology Graduate Student Handbook.