Biochemistry and Molecular Biology M.S./Ph.D. Programs

The BMI department offers students the opportunity to take part in both Master's and Ph.D level coursework in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB). The BMB M.S. program provides strong research training for students who are interested in a research career in academia, medicine, or industry, in related careers in which first-hand research experience is an asset, or as a prelude to more advanced degrees. The BMB Ph.D. program offers a program of coursework and experimental research leading to a doctoral degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. Areas of strength in the department include the molecular biology of gene structure and function in bacteria, fungi, viruses, and higher organisms, bioenergetics, enzymology, and macromolecular structural analysis by X-ray crystallography.

M.S. program director: Dr. Robert Akins (
Ph.D. program director: Dr. Zhe Yang (