Research Facilities and Resources

The department is housed in the Gordon H. Scott Hall of Basic Medical Sciences, the site for both medical and graduate student instruction. Located in the 110-acre Detroit Medical Center, Scott Hall is near the Karmanos Cancer Institute, the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development, the Shiffman Medical Library, and six hospitals.

Research equipment and facilities in the Department include a zebrafish housing and husbandry facility, an imaging facility that provides for research-grade microscopes and imaging software, a three laser flow cytometer for profiling cell populations, PCR machines, high-speed and ultracentrifuges, and Biosafety Level 2 laboratories suitable for work with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In addition, the department has a vast array of structural biology and drug design capabilities including access to an X-ray synchrotron facility at Argonne National Laboratory.

Our Structural Biology and Drug Design Group is available to facilitate collaborative structure-based drug development efforts. Please see the SBDDG brochure for further information.

We also have convenient access to institutional animal research resources, the Wayne State Microscopy, Imaging, & Cytometry Resources facility, nucleic acid and other molecular analytic resources at the Genome Sciences Core (formerly the Applied Genomics Technology Center) and the IEHS Proteomics Core Facility and other core facilities.