Financial Support

  • Tuition per term can be estimated with this calculator; select whether you are in-state or not, and choose the "School of Medicine_Graduate" category.
  • Currently, the Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology does not offer financial assistance to students pursuing an M.S. degree. Students are encouraged to apply for various grants and awards, both inside and outside of the University, to help reduce their cost towards degree. The WSU Graduate School posts several competitive awards, including some specifically for MS students. Students may file a FAFSA and apply for financial aid or college work study through the University to help finance their degree. Some students also elect to maintain a job outside of schooling to offset living expenses and tuition costs; this may extend the time needed to complete the research needed for the thesis.
  • In some years, the department may have its own scholarship program. Contact to see if funding is available for the current year via this mechanism. If funding is available, the BMI graduate committee will make decisions on recipients based on first semester performance. The merit scholarship provides 50% of tuition and fees per academic year for 22 research credits and journal club courses required by the program after the initial semester. The award starts with the second semester. Full time research is expected of award recipients (~30+ hours per week). Courses taken beyond program requirements are not covered by the scholarship and will void the agreement unless approved by the adviser and Graduate Committee via the Full Time Commitment form. Leaves of absence for a semester will extend the date of completion by a semester; merit for the return semester will be evaluated on the last semester of attendance.